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20th-Mar-2010 11:09 pm - Never Cry Chapter 2
holding hands
It's been a while. March was just a busy month for me with school and everything. I've joined a new scanlation group named Oblivious Love so the releases will be under that name from now on but I will still update this LJ cus yeah.. haha.
I only translated and typeset this chapter while another person cleaned it. Yay for having help from the scans group (:
If anyone is interested in helping out with Han Yu Rang's manhwas then head over to Oblivious Love or PM one of the Oblivious Love's staff on mangafox and we'll be happy to accept you.
Oh right, this time I translated the SFXs that were actually translated in the Viet version so yeah, some might not have translation cus I don't know what it is lol.

Not sure when the next chapter will be out... depends on when I'll be done with translation. Cherry is fast with her cleaning stuff but I lag.. sorry! Now then enjoy!

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22nd-Feb-2010 03:10 pm - Never Cry
I never really thought of turning this LJ to a place for me to release manhwa/manga... but it just turned out that way lol. My old posts are all private now lol cus they were kinda.. about my life! No need to read about my life lol.
I've been in the scanlation world since.. mm 2006? But I stepped out of it in 2008 and guess now I'm kinda back... no one remembers me though cus I'm using a different name name (kinda) lol.

My first public release of a manhwa called Never Cry.
Just a few notes before you go off to donwload.
* I translated from Vietnamese to English not from Korean so there might be mistakes.
* I'm the only one working on this right now. Not sure if I'll need help later...
* I didn't translate the sfx because some of them weren't translated in the Viet version so I didn't want to translate some and not others.
* I'm a newbie at editing so please understand! (:
* I did this with no profit intended so please DO NOT claim it at your own and sell it or whatevers.
* Sorry bout grammar mistakes and stuff if you catch them!
* ENJOY the manhwa and comment to tell me if I should continue or not :3

[More info about the manhwa at mangaupdates]

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((please click on the title of this post "Never Cry" to view the rest of the entry cus you can't click on the stuff after the cut due to the stupid layout and it will just take you to the top of the page [from what I've experienced on my computer]. If it doesn't happen to you then that's great! ^^))
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